Abvakum Monastery Scandal: The Archbishop does not stop the trial – In vain the efforts of the monks | Liberal


The efforts of the lawyers of the two accused monks are in vain Saint Avvakum monastery to cancel the process and start from the beginning under the supervision of Archbishop George.

An authoritative ecclesiastical source reported to Philenews that Blessed although he had the opportunity to “shave” the two on holiday monks with summary procedures and in fact, with the support of the rest of the Synods, chose to follow the process of examining the complaints filed by the concerned Metropolitan Tamasou Isaias in the Synodal Court. In fact, as it was suggested to us, when they arose reactions and objections on the part of lawyers of the two, Archbishop George agreed to have the whole case examined by its investigative committee of the Holy Synod in order to give every opportunity to the two monks to develop their positions and arguments unhindered, so that let all the truth shine forth and let no shadows be left hovering about cover-up.

In this regard, the same source added that the head of the Church of Cyprus is willing to guarantee a full and thorough investigationregardless of how far the responsibilities go, but he is not willing to behave and behave according to the wishes and demands of the monks.

This, which the Blessed One is committed to a fair trial and this was the advice he gave to all those involved, said the same sources, who added that the Church acts on the basis of its own rules. Therefore, the message given to us is that it would also be good for the monks themselves to focus on defending themselves and not worry about being discriminated againstwhich, after all, results from the procedure that was decided and followed to the letter.

Finally, the same source indicated to Philenews, how if complaints are made by the monks against anyone, they will be treated with the same sense of responsibility and will to establish the truth, as the charges against them are examined.

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