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AEW Star Samoa Joe Digs Into Relationship With CM Punk, Addresses All In Fight

In the moments leading up to the official start of All In, there was an alleged physical confrontation between Punk — set to face Joe in the opening match — and Jack Perry. Punk was later fired with cause from AEW due to whatever occurred, while Jack Perry has been suspended pending an investigation. While Joe declined to revise anyone else’s version of events, the AEW star didn’t seem too shaken up from the confrontation.

“I’m used to that environment,” Joe stated. “Those things don’t seem very intense to me, but it could be something crazy intense to someone else. I wasn’t really affected by the moment. I was more focused on getting the show back on track and getting us going because it was bell time.” According to Joe, following the incident, the AEW locker room was able to come together for the good of the company and the waiting fans.

“I know we had the initial incident. Everybody rallied. Everybody got together,” Joe continued. “[Everyone] got their heads together and lined up and got ready to do the show and we went out there and we did the show. That really was the focus at that point in time. We got a massive show to do and we got fans out there rabid to see that happen.”

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