Akira Toriyama’s Final Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Drawing Was Piccolo Saying Goodbye


The world of otakus reached a standstill on March 8 when Akira Toriyama’s death was finally revealed to the public. The grief amongst fans was infectious as it spread worldwide. The creator of Dragon Ball was no more, and it took time to process the absence of a legend.

After the initial mourning passed, fans slowly began wondering about Dragon Ball Super, the manga that became orphaned. While all the other Dragon Ball manga were completed, Dragon Ball Super was the only ongoing series.

Soon afterward, it was announced that Dragon Ball Super would go on an indefinite hiatus after the release of chapter 103. The chapter was released on March 20, 2024, after its usual one-month gap, but just a week later, the manga’s illustrator revealed some befuddling behind-the-scenes details.

What was Toriyama’s Final Message in Dragon Ball Super?

Akira Toriyama | Source: egames.newsAkira Toriyama | Source: egames.news
Akira Toriyama | Source: egames.news

According to Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotarou, the final panel of chapter 103 was never meant to feature Piccolo saying goodbye to Pan’s kindergarten teacher. It should have ended with just all the characters turning their backs.


However, Akira Toriyama specifically requested that the character of Piccolo be shown bidding goodbye to Pan’s kindergarten teacher. Toyotaru also revealed that he learned about Toriyama’s death only after submitting the final draft of the chapter.

Thus, Toyotarou took to Twitter to express that while he did not draw the panel intending to pay tribute to Toriyama, he can’t help but rethink the decision. It must have felt like a final sign from Toriyama and a last goodbye. Honestly, who wouldn’t think so?

In his next tweet, he thanked Toriyama sensei for his hard work.

“Mr. Toriyama. Thank you very much for your hard work. It’s been 9 years since we worked together. It was a miraculous time. thank you very much. I humbly pray for your soul to rest in peace.”

This revelation from Toyotarou has offered a last closure to fans regarding their favorite mangaka. The panel of Piccolo could have very well been a simple coincidence, but is it really bad if fans can clutch onto it?

Will Dragon Ball Super end?

Dragon Ball SuperDragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Chapter 103 contained a “To Be Continued” message, confirming that the Dragon Ball Super manga will be back. MangaPlus website has also confirmed that after taking a break, the manga will return in the June issue of V-Jump which will be out by May 21, 2024 in Japan. Once it’s out physically, the online release on Viz Media is also bound to follow.

Toyotarou might continue drawing the manga, but we still don’t know if Toriyama has arranged for a proper ending before the tragedy occurred.

Any author will find it difficult to take over such a huge franchise, and it will be hard to fill Toriyama’s shoes. Let’s hope that the legend rests in peace and that his legacy continues to inspire thousands of children, teenagers, and adults worldwide.

You can read the Dragon Ball Super manga on Viz Media.

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