An Industry Insider Claims That the Rumor That Monster Hunter Wilds Is Coming Next Year Was Fabricated Using Fake Screenshots


Monster Hunter Wilds, the upcoming game from Capcom in the popular franchise, is one of the most highly anticipated games to launch in 2025. The game is a sequel to MH World, which was released back in 2018 and is the best-selling game ever from the developer.

The game was announced at The Game Awards 2023 with a brief trailer, revealing that it will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2025. There were reports that the game would be released in Q1 2025, but this has now been debunked, as the shared images are said to be a hoax.

The Rumor of Monster Hunter Wilds Coming in Q1 2025 Was Wrong

Monster Hunter Wilds launch in Q1 2025 claims are fake says an insider.Monster Hunter Wilds launch in Q1 2025 claims are fake says an insider.
Monster Hunter Wilds launch in Q1 2025 claims are fake says an insider.

Yesterday, there were a few screenshots shared on Imgur by a person claiming to be the popular leaker Dusk Golem and suggesting that the game would be “by far the biggest” ever from Capcom. The screenshots also claimed a few other things about the game, including that it will be a fully open-world game and that Capcom is expecting that the game will “carry” it for the whole of 2025.

It was also claimed that Zorah Magdaros will be back in the game and that there will be more “experimental mechanics” than what has been seen in the titles Rise and World. One other major detail that was added was that the game will be released in Q1 2025. This had fans very excited about the game, but it turns out that the screenshots were hoaxes.

The “actual” leaker took to the gaming forum Resetera and said that they have not said “anywhere to anyone” like the claim, and it is just someone “faking a screenshot” to make it look like it’s something they said. The leaker also reiterated this on their X/Twitter handle, calling the claim of the game releasing in Q1 2025 “fake as sh*t.” 

They added that this occasionally happens and “it is what it is,” but they thought it was important to clear things up, so the fans do not get their hopes up just for them to get “shot down.” Fans were excited about the game coming soon, but unfortunately, the details turned out to be a hoax, which has them disappointed as they would need to wait more for any official news.

Everything Known About Capcom’s MH Wilds

The insider says the screenshots shared were a hoax.The insider says the screenshots shared were a hoax.
The insider says the screenshots shared were a hoax.

The teaser trailer for the game was released at the Game Awards 2023 and showed the in-game world filled with several types of monsters. A hunter can also be seen riding around a winged mount with monsters chasing them. The game will also feature weather effects and combine some features from the previous games in the series.

The game does not have an exact date but will be released sometime in 2025. The game will also feature both the playable multiplayer mode and the online multiplayer mode. However, there is no information if it will have crossplay, but it is important to know that no other games in the series have this feature.

Now that the rumors have been confirmed to be a hoax, players will need to wait for any information from Capcom. Are you looking forward to the MH Wilds launch? Let us know in the comments.

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