Apex Legends Newest Update has Annoyed the Entire Fanbase


Apex Legends was one of the most played games when it launched back in 2019. Thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign that had all YouTubers and streamers playing the game, EA achieved a very stable and large player base. 

The game served as a response to Fortnite’s dominance, incorporating new mechanics while maintaining a Battle Royale style with increased action and a variety of weapons and abilities. Now players realize that all the things that they bought in-game have just disappeared overnight thanks to the new cross-progression system that has just been added, and EA has not made any comment about it.

Apex Legends players are reporting losses of all the items in their inventories thanks to a new update

Apex Legends is having serious trouble right now, thanks to the cross-progression update.Apex Legends is having serious trouble right now, thanks to the cross-progression update.
Apex Legends is having serious trouble right now, thanks to the cross-progression update.

After more than 4 years, Apex Legends continues to thrive with a large community of regular players and collaborations with popular IPs such as Final Fantasy. 

The EA and Respawn title that replace Titanfall 3 have a very huge player base, but in the latest update, a critical error occurred. Hundreds of players are reporting that they lost all the items from the inventory, as well as in-game currency and even levels.

The fandom of Apex Legends has taken over X to complain about all their inventory being wiped out after the new update that makes cross-progression possible between all accounts. Players are reporting any kind of giant loss; even skins that they purchased yesterday have just disappeared.





EA has not confirmed anything about this, but the company said that it is working to fix this bug. Hopefully, all the items lost could appear once again.

Part of the community is uploading memes and videos about it, laughing at the issue, so they don’t start to panic

Apex Legends is going for season 20.Apex Legends is going for season 20.
Apex Legends is going for season 20.

As for Respawn, the studio addressed the issue and fixed it for players that haven’t lost anything. Respawn clarified that this player can enter without any trouble. As for the affected users, the company has asked for patience while they discover what is going on with these lost progress items. This issue appears to have not affected the majority of players, allowing the community to relax a little.

Apex Legends is going through its 20th season, which really means the game has a lot of years of activity with new characters and weapons to play. Even the eSports events for this game have grown over the years. As for players, the current player base is large, and the developers keep working on the game to bring new features and make changes, so fans can be happy about being a part of this community. 

What are your thoughts on this Apex Legends trouble? Did Respawn fix this? Let us know in the comments!

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