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Butte College offensive tackle Michael Bareman signs with D-I UNLV – Chico Enterprise-Record

BUTTE VALLEY — Butte College offensive tackle Michael Bareman arrived on the Roadrunners’ campus in fall 2021 “raw,” with just one year of high school football experience.

At 6-foot-7 and nearly 300 pounds, the Roadrunners’ coaching staff saw the size of Bareman and realized they could develop his skillset. Prior to Bareman’s senior year of high school he played basketball, soccer and volleyball, but never football due to his mom’s lack of approval.

One and a half years later and with just one full season of college football under his belt (after redshirting his freshman season), Bareman signed his letter of intent to continue his academic and college football playing career at Division I University of Nevada Las Vegas on Friday at Butte College.

“We’re very excited for Mike. We’ll miss him, but he’s developed a tremendous amount over the last two years,” said Butte College head coach Robby Snelling. “To go from a guy that played one year of high school football to where he is now, he’s just come so far in such a short time. Really excited to see what he does down there. I know they have a need and it’s a great opportunity for him.”

Bareman helped lead a Butte College offense was second in the NorCal Conference in rushing yards (1,756), second in the NorCal conference in passing yards (2,302), second in total offense (4,058 yards) and second in yards per game (368.9).

After high school Bareman took a gap year, before realizing he wasn’t done playing football. He came to Butte and struggled with grades in his first semester, forcing him to redshirt his freshman season. Snelling told Bareman not to let grades be his issue, and Baremen trusted his coaches. Bareman has received a 4.0 grade point average his last two semesters.

Bareman said the UNLV coaching staff liked his physicality that has developed in just three years of football. The offensive line called themselves the “blue collar boys” or “BCBs,” and they took pride in leading the offensive charge for the Roadrunners.

“The fact that I want to put the person across from me on their back in the dirt on every play is something that not everybody has the mindset to do,” Bareman said. “I think that blue collar mentality is something that our offensive line brought to the table this year and it showed in all of our film.”

As for Bareman settling on UNLV, it was the first of three visits he took. It took the three visits to realize UNLV was the best fit for him, that he loved the coaching staff and campus.

As for advice for future Roadrunners, Bareman says to trust the process. He says he will miss the brotherhood he built with his teammates, but he came to Butte College to move on and that’s what he’s doing so he’s exited.

“Coming to Butte having only played one year I was learning the basics of the basics. Coach Vazquez and Coach Snelling taught me a lot and gave me a great opportunity to improve on my skills,” Bareman said. “I know a lot more than I did when I came here. I’m just really thankful for the opportunity. Butte has not led me astray at all. I just did what I was told and I worked hard, came out everyday and I didn’t skip things. I feel like if you trust the process and work hard, things will work out.”

As for his mother’s thoughts after three years playing football, Bareman said she’s OK with it.

“I’m getting my school paid for and they’re really excited. I’m the first kid who has pursued a sport like this so it’s been a lot of new for them.” Bareman said. “I’m blessed to have parents who have been so supportive of me though.”

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