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It has caused consternation in California the death of a 15-year-old girl who was shot by police officers while running towards them for help.

The video that has been making the rounds on the internet since yesterday reveals what unfolded on Highway 15 in Hesperia on September 27, 2022 and resulted in Savannah Graziano being so unjustly lost. It was first made public two years after the tragedy, at the request of reporter Joey Scott, who in his post on X spoke of a misrepresentation of the facts by the Sheriff of San Bernardino County.

According to New York Postthe teenager had been reported missing after her mother, Tracy Martinez, was killed by her father, Anthony John Grazianoon September 26, 2022. One day later, police officers located the vehicle of Anthony, who is believed to have kidnapped his daughter after killing her mother, and followed it for about 110 km. The girl was also in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

When Graziano finally realized he couldn’t get away, he opened fire on the officers with a semi-automatic weapon and stopped the vehicle. Then, the girl got out of the passenger door, while one of the police officers shouted at her to run towards him.

A few seconds later and while the teenager is running towards a police car to save herself, other officers throw her and she falls to the ground covered in blood, while their colleague shouts at them to stop shooting because the suspect is in the car.

The girl was taken to the hospital where her death was confirmed, while her father died on the spot from police fire.

According to the NYP report, the officers were not wearing cameras on their uniforms during the operation, and after the incident the San Bernardino Sheriff said that the girl appeared to be wearing something like “military gear” when she got out of the vehicle.

According to journalist Joey Scott, local authorities have so far refused to release the video, saying it could cause “complications that would hinder the investigation”.

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