Dear Annie: My friend yells at me in my own house


Dear Annie: My longtime friend seems to be outspoken when I’m around her lately. I have a nervous habit of biting my nails, and when my friend is at my house, she yells at me to stop doing that, saying it’s disgusting. It made me angry and hurt to be yelled at in my own house, but I only replied, “It’s a nervous habit.”

Aside from that, she has made remarks that I never offer her wine, and after I made her coffee, she remarked that there was so little in the cup — which was 8 ounces.

How do I respond to her outspokenness? — Nervous Habit

Dear Nervous: No wonder you are nervous. You have a guest over who is very demanding and judgmental — two qualities that cause anyone to feel nervous. I know she is a longtime friend, but if her behavior continues like this, it might be time to find a new friend and accept the fact that you grew apart. As for your nail biting, it is probably something that should be treated. Consult a professional to help you manage this behavior.

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