Deputy Minister of Tourism: Sponsorship plan aimed at revitalizing the countryside | Liberal


A grant scheme for the revival of the countryside, mountainous, arid and remote areas with a total budget of 4 million euros was announced by the Deputy Minister of TourismKostas Koumis, an amount which will be fully covered by the Development and Resilience Mechanism.

After the Cabinet meeting the Deputy Minister said that “objectives of the plan is the provision of targeted support for the upgrade or restoration of public and private spaces, the improvement of the aesthetics and accessibility of spaces in the countryside and the development of special forms of tourism in the areas covered by the plan”.

He added that “the broader purpose of the plan is for the Government to support the local economy in the areas in question, to upgrade the experience of visitors and, by extension, to increase the number of visits inland”.

The Deputy Minister stated that “the plan is addressed both to natural and legal persons as well as to Local Self-Government authorities, with the intensities of the aid being staggered and different in each case”.

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