Don’t ignore car repairs needed for MOT test to save money – it could end up costing you much more, motors expert warns


A CAR expert has warned drivers they could be caught out with a hefty bill if they continue to avoid repairing their cars.

Thousands of Brits are neglecting important car repairs needed for an MOT test which means they could end up paying more “in the long run”, according to specialists.

8.5million drivers are refusing to repair their motors because of the cost of living crisis, according to Fixter


8.5million drivers are refusing to repair their motors because of the cost of living crisis, according to FixterCredit: Getty

Greg Wilson, CEO and car insurance expert at Quotezone, has urged drivers to stop delaying essential repair jobs in a bid to cut motor costs.

The CEO stressed this could dramatically hurt their pockets as a small amount of damage can get significantly worse and lead to more expensive repairs later on.

It comes after the Association of British Insurers (ABI) revealed a staggering 32 per cent rise in repair costs last year.

With fees expected to rise again this year, more cash-strapped motorists are continuing to neglect issues with their vehicles.

Fixter, an online car repair service, has revealed 8.5million drivers are refusing to repair their motors because of the cost of living crisis.

As road tax, fuel and insurance costs also continue to rise motorists are constantly looking to save money where they can.

Road users driving around in a damaged car risk invalidating their car insurance policy, according to the car insurance expert.

Greg explained: “The automotive industry is under major financial strain with the increased costs of materials and energy driving up repair costs – which in turn escalates car insurance premiums.

“It’s a vicious cycle and drivers are suffering the consequences, especially those who need their car for work or school runs.

“This leads to a growing issue where car owners avoid getting repair jobs and servicing done in a bid to save money.

“It’s also common for people to request the minimal repairs necessary just to pass an MOT.”

Greg added that although households might benefit initially from cutting back on repairs, eventually it will come back to haunt them.

Drivers also risk putting other road users at risk by driving an unsafe car and could receive a hefty fine along with penalty points on their licence.

The car insurance expert has reminded motorists that they are responsible for making sure their vehicle is in a safe condition, even after they pass their MOT.

The best way to identify any issues with a car is through a service which can be booked in at most garages.

As many as one in five drivers avoid essential repairs like worn brake pads, worn tyres and broken or missing wipers, according to the data.

Fixter’s research found motorists under the age of 24 are most likely to avoid repairing or servicing their cars.

The study also suggested that three in four motorists living in London and the Midlands purposefully space out service intervals to save money.

Nearly half of those asked in a poll said they wouldn’t get their vehicle repaired due to the cost of living crisis.

Meanwhile, a whopping 56 per cent were concerned about how they could afford repairs if their motor suffered a serious breakdown.

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It comes after an announcement confirmed that new cars will continue to have their first MOT three years after purchase, providing major relief for drivers.

And MOT certificates have been spotted with a bizarre extra detail – and people are asking if this really affects their car safety.

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