Eric Bischoff Offers Blunt Critique Of Mercedes Mone’s AEW Debut


Eric Bischoff also feels that AEW could’ve done a better job constructing Mercedes Mone’s story on her AEW debut

“You know what you want to have happen at the end of the show, you know the finish, work backwards from that finish and give us a couple of plot points along the way,” Bischoff said. “It can be something very subtle, it could be a look over her shoulder at another talent, be it male or female, it could be anything. There’s a million different things you could do that are better than doing nothing.”


The WWE Hall of Famer hit out at Tony Khan, stating that the AEW CEO “doesn’t know how to produce television.” Later in the podcast, Bischoff also assessed Mone’s first promo on AEW television and pointed out its flaws; he feels that the promo was prolonged and didn’t scream “superstar.”

“I don’t know her, she’s she had an amazing career in WWE, she was probably one of the more successful talents there and valuable assets there. The difference though is, in WWE she was created, she was managed creatively, she was protected creatively,” said Bischoff. “It was horrible [while speaking about Mone’s first promo] … let me take that back, it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t ‘Superstar.’ It was a very middle of the roster, not quite a journeyperson, not really a rookie, but certainly not a seasoned veteran.”


He argued that Mone’s strong point isn’t her promos and gave her debut promo a 6.5 out of 10, mentioning that it didn’t create emotion, hint at what she’s there to do or make him excited about her.

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