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Free on bail – after their marathon apologies to the Greek European Investigator Christina Salappa, two more defendants were released on bail for contract 717, which concerns the signaling and remote control of the railway network and is linked to the tragedy in Tempe.

According to reports, these are two defendants from the ERGOSE sidewho, after apologizing with the consent of the investigating prosecutor, were released with guarantees of €800,000 and €900,000 respectivelyas well as with the condition of the ban on leaving the country.

Now, after today’s apologies, explanations have been given to the investigator by five of the defendants who have been given bails that reach a total of €3.5 million

It is recalled that for this specific case file, in an apology by the Greek appointed European prosecutor, they have been summoned more than 20 non-political personswho are being prosecuted for a series of criminal acts.

In particular, they have been called for an apology civil servants of ERGOSE for grant fraud. Two of them are additionally accused of making a false statement with the purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage for another. They were also called to an apology civil servants of the Hellenic Administrative Authority of the Operational Program for Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development (EYD/EP-YMEPERAA). Their summons concerns the offenses of misappropriation of funds. Finally, explanations as defendants were called to give and legal representatives and employees of the Undertaking Consortium.

The offenses they face are; moral scheming in fraud grant-related and ethical authorship in false certification for the purpose of obtaining an unfair advantage for another.

According to the data collected by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in the context of its investigation, the “717” contract was signed in 2014, with a time horizon of completion in 2016. This was followed in 2019 by the signing of a supplementary contract related to the same project, with which the original scope was modified of the “717” contract.

More specifically, the supplementary contract provided for the construction of a completely new signaling system with new telemetry units to enable communication and data transmission between railway stationsas well as from the railway stations to the control centers.

It is worth noting that both contracts were co-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund, within the framework of the “Signaling-Remote Control Modernization and Installation of the European Train Control System (ETCS)” program, with the contribution of the EU to amount to 85%.

However, from the investigation carried out, serious misconduct emerged, as among other things it was found that a total of seven illegal extensions of the original contract were granted, in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors of ERGOSE. For this reason, more than nine years after the signing of contract 717, the project was still not completed.

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