‘Great wear for a steal,’ say makeup fans as they rush to buy ‘the best drugstore liquid eyeliner you can get’ at $5.50


MAKEUP fans ran to pick up a $5.50 drugstore liquid eyeliner that garnered tens of thousands of rave reviews.

Many thought the inexpensive beauty buy was the “best drugstore liquid eyeliner” on the market.

Beauty fans raved about a cult-favorite $5.50 drugstore eyeliner


Beauty fans raved about a cult-favorite $5.50 drugstore eyelinerCredit: Getty

Wet n Wild’s $5.50 Mega Last Breakup Prood Liquid Eyeliner won over bargain beauty shoppers with its effective waterproof formula.

The brand claims that the smudge-proof, flake-proof, cry-proof eyeliner lives up to the hype with its ultra-thin tip to create lines from thin to bold.

Makeup enthusiasts couldn’t help but agree with thousands writing rave five-star reviews on the beauty deal.

Adriana, an eyeliner expert, explained that the Wet n Wild buy was her “holy grail.”

“I wear eyeliner a lot and like my wings SHARP. This is my holy grail,” she wrote.

“I tried it once and fell in love. Usually, eyeliner is hard to do and I spend so much time fixing it trying to make it sharp with brushes but this is all you need.

“The lines are so crisp and small, making it perfect to snatch your liner. Also the tip is brush-like, not felt tip, which I think is too stiff making it hard to make sharp lines.

But all you need to know is a great brush, fluid, small, sharp lines, and for an amazing price!”

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One happy customer said that she made the switch from luxury brand eyeliners to Wet n Wild after discovering it.

“In high school, Stila was my holy grail. In college? Glossier. Then for a while, I got sick of high-end stuff and liked Maybelline, then NYX,” she wrote.

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Although she thought she had finally found her go-to eyeliner buy, she was let down over and over again as companies revamped their formulations.

“I wear winged eyeliner every single day and it seems that whenever I think I’ve found the perfect one, the company changes the formula. It happens every single darn time!” she said.

Finally, after turning to the Wet n Wild eyeliner, she found a fitting product that met all her demands.

“(For now), this is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner you can get,” she said.

Some thought the Wet n Wild liner was the "best drugstore liquid eyeliner" on the market


Some thought the Wet n Wild liner was the “best drugstore liquid eyeliner” on the marketCredit: Wet N’ Wild

“After a while, the brush does start to fray which is annoying, but it’s great, it looks great, and it stays a long time. It lasts a decent while too.”

Many echoed the same sentiment about the cult-favorite eyeliner.

“One of my favorite eyeliners. Great wear for a steal of the price,” wrote another reviewer.

One loyal makeup fan swore by the product for years of her eyeliner needs, even on challenging days.

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“I’ve been using this for what feels like a few years and it has never done me wrong!” she said.

“I love how easy it is to apply and how it never smudges or runs even with the watery eyes I get sometimes. It lasts a long time and always comes out so well done because of the formula.”

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