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At the final stage are the procedures for expanding the list of goods that are allowed to be traded within the framework of the Green Line regulation.

His recent decision ministrial Council following a proposal by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, authorizes the Ministers of Health and Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment to give instructions to the competent services of their Ministries, so as to facilitate the passage through the crossing points of processed products of non-animal origin, i.e. coffee, lemonade, frozen vegetables, frozen potatoes, vinegar, dried molochia, as well as to carry out the necessary controls, in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 866/2004.

At the same time, the two Ministries are requested to duly inform about the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 13/3/2024 the Department of Customs as the department responsible for carrying out checks at crossing points.

This decision it is a continuation of the framework of the adoption of a 14-meter package for the Turkish Cypriots, which was announced by the Presidency on January 26, 2024 and a relevant decision was taken by the Council of Ministers on February 2, 2024, it was decided to expand the list of goods under the Green Line Regulation by adding 6 specific products.

In detail, the 14 government measures are:

1. Commencement of examination of pending applications for the granting of Cypriot citizenship.

2. Payment of widow’s pension to beneficiaries.

3. Patient access to the clinical services of the Institute of Neurology and Genetics.

4. Coverage of emergency and urgent pharmaceutical needs.

5. Expanding the list of goods under the Green Line Regulation by adding 6 specific products.

6. Right to participate in human resources programs, within the framework of the action plan for the European Year of Skills.

7. Right to participate in training programs of the Productivity Center, as well as in training seminars on matters of the acquis of the European Union.

8. Right to obtain a Culture Card for young people who turn 18.

9. Reinforcement of staffing at the crossing points.

10. Widening of the crossing point in Agios Dometios.

11. Rapid transit measures for students at the crossing point of Ledra Palas.

12. Recruitment of officials with knowledge of the Turkish language at the Nicosia Citizen Service Center.

13. Ensuring continued smooth operation of the sewage treatment plant in Mia Milia.

14. Further facilitating access to Muslim monuments in the free zones.

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