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In the hands of the TAE Limassol is 39-year-old Syros who is expected to be arrested for malicious damage and causing a fire in a building. The 39-year-old appears to have threatened other foreigners to burn them if they do not pay him rent.

According to the Police, at around one in the morning, information was given to the Police that in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTsiflikoudia in Limassol, foreigners are fighting among themselves.

Patrols went to the place where they found 7 foreigners from Syria holding an immobilized 39-year-old Syrian.

It should be noted that according to the foreigner, ten minutes after midnight and while they were sleeping in a room of an abandoned property, they noticed a fire in the entrance door of the room, in clothes and other items of clothing and footwear.

They extinguished the fire using water while damage was caused to the door and the walls of the room.

After 30 minutes and after putting out the fire, the foreigners saw the 39-year-old foreigner who was making fun of them on the opposite side of the building and on the sidewalk. It should be noted that two days ago the foreigner asked them to leave the property after he asked them to pay rent for which they refused and threatened to burn them.

Then they approached him and he reacted and tried to escape and the foreigners using similar force immobilized him until the arrival of the Police.

Members of the TAE Limassol were called to the scene and from the tests it was found that the fire was started with the use of flammable material. The scene was placed under guard pending the examinations that will follow in cooperation with the Fire Service.

The 39-year-old suspect was taken to the offices of the TAE Limassol where an arrest warrant is expected to be issued against him while the examinations continue.

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