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Hired! Trumbull County Commissioners divert dramatics in staff change

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Tuesday, employees in the Trumbull County Commissioner’s office were sent home early. According to commissioner Denny Malloy, it was because commissioner Niki Frenchko was harassing multiple employees.

Frenchko says this was not the case.

Wednesday’s commissioner’s meeting at times was tense. This meeting is just one day after Commissioner Denny Malloy sent employees home out of safety. According to Malloy, Frenchko created an unsafe environment for staff, verbally abusing some.

“Raising her voice…The girls in the office were scared,” Malloy said.

During a First News interview with Malloy, Frenchko interrupted the interview and filming it on Facebook Live.

The following is a portion of the conversation between First News reporter Hanna Erdmann and Frenchko.

Hanna offhead: “Again…I was trying to get his side first because that did happen…”
Frenchko: “Right.”
Hanna: “People were sent home.”
Frenchko: “Yes.”
Hanna: “That’s what….He’s allowed his side..”
Frenchko: “Uh huh.”
Hanna: “You are allowed yours.”
Frenchko: “OK.”
Hanna: “If I could be allowed to do my job, I have other stories to cover today, I’d like to just be able to quickly interview him….”
Frenchko: “OK.”
Hanna: “Quickly interview you…And let’s move on.”

This entire issue on Tuesday stemmed from an item for today’s meeting: voting to officially hire a new Human Resources Director. Frenchko says the new hire isn’t qualified. However, First News learned that Frenchko failed to show up for several commissioner’s workshops.

“Apparently she was looking for paperwork that we were given at a public meeting that she did not attend yesterday [Tuesday],” Malloy said.

“The HR director wouldn’t share those things with me, nor would the clerk,” Frenchko said.

First News was told those documents were already given out during the meeting she failed to attend.

After several hours Wednesday, the board voted and officially hired Alexandra DeVengencie-Bush has the new human resources director.

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