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The Holy Synod is legitimized to decide as it wishes or must follow the statute to the letter, as demanded by the lawyers of the two accused monks Monastery of St. Avvakum?

The question arose after the letter of the lawyers of the two monks who they requested the annulment of the proceedings which is followed through the investigative committee of the Holy Synod and its initiation, from the outset, under the supervision of Archbishop George.

A church source indicated to filenews, how the Holy Synod when it takes a decision is above this statute. The same source noted that the procedure followed was adopted by the Holy Synod, not only by majority but unanimously, therefore it is “cemented” and there is no question of questioning it. As can be seen from the charter of the Church of Cyprus, the Holy Synod is surrounded by broad powers, including the following:

Article 7

– “It authentically interprets the provisions of the Charter, drafts and passes normative acts, to regulate ecclesiastical matters, for which there is no specific provision in the Charter…”,

He exercises the supreme judicial power in the Church of Cyprus, according to, more specifically in those concerning the ecclesiastical jurisdictional bodies, defined.

Article 1

-The Holy Synod, having acquired the presumption of competence, deliberates and decides on all ecclesiastical mattersabout which there is no other provision than the Holy Canons and the Charter.

The Holy Synodacting on the basis of the Holy Scriptures, the Holy Canons, the Church Traditions and the Charter, constitutes the supreme principle of the Church of Cyprus.

Article 5

The decisions of the Holy Synod are taken by majority of the present members, excluding cases where, according to the provisions of the Charter, an increased majority or unanimity is required.

Article 92 Amendment of the Charter is possible, by a decision of the Holy Synod, obtained by a majority of three quarters of

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