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He received a homophobic attack with flares LGBT person in Nicosia from a youth group. This is the third reported to the organization in two weeks, underlines in a post Accept LGBTI Cyprus.

“Specifically, two young men in black robes, they started verbally abusing a gay person who was walking alone on the street at night. Then they threw dangerous flares at him,” states.

The victim did not flinch. Remembering the events in Thessaloniki, he decided to react and not let the bullying pass. He took out his cell phone as well videotaped to run away in fear. He then called the police to report the incident.

While still on the phone with the police, a car appeared, 4 aggressive people came down and started chasing him. 2 of them were the same ones who attacked earlier. Police advised the person to go to a safe place. The gay man took refuge in a bar and the assailants fled.

In the end, he came the police and rounded up the victim taking it home.

The victim managed to photograph the number plates of the car and already filed a written complaint with the police. We believe that with such evidence the police will soon identify the perpetrators.

Our organization commends this individual in our community for reacting with quick reflexes and exposing the brazenness of these bullies.

Unfortunately, what we were warning about is already happening: An increase in hate speech and impunity means an increase in hate crimes.

Impunity is frightening! The undeveloped hateful rhetoric of politicians and a section of the people, as well as the inaction of institutions and the state, frees criminal hands.

In this observed increase in LGBTI-attacks, our organization urges its people to be ready with the mobile in hand. To take evidence and immediately resort to the police.

At the same time, we are sending a clear message to the bullies out there: We are not afraid! LGBTI-phobia will not pass!

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