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The fact that Larnaca has overtaken Limassol and is now considered the new up and coming investment hub of Cyprus is mainly due to the hundreds of millions of euros of developments planned in the coastal area where the oil tanks and gas facilities have been removed.

The 3 km long liberated beach front, which is located within the limits of the Municipality of Larnaca, is in essence the tip of the spear of development. Already the Municipality Larnaca has before him three applications to secure planning permits for large developments exceeding €1 billion.

This is the master plan of the Petrolina group for the grand Larnaka-land of tomorrow project which will be located on an area of ​​approximately 400,000 sq.m., the master plan of EKO Cyprus which owns a plot of 55,000 sq.m. next to the port of Larnaca and the application of the company Solvin Ltd that wants to erect two towers of 67.6 meters on an area of ​​27,224 sq.m. near Larnaca Marine Club. The gas companies Synergas and Intergaz, which they also own large beach filletsare in the meantime in consultations to decide how to utilize them.

The road to the implementation of major investments was officially opened last May after the termination of the Seveso Directive, which lifted the existing restrictions. However, two important steps remain in order for the people of Larnaca to see the first projects in the coastal area. The first concerns the decontamination of the soil where the oil tanks were located, which has already been started by the companies, and the second concerns the recovery of approximately 60 meters of the beach that has been lost due to erosion.

To combat erosion and shape the beach front public works of tens of millions of euros will be required, which are expected to start in two years, after the completion of a study that will be prepared by a private person on behalf of the Department of Public Works. On March 26, the tender for the study was announced, which will be completed in 2026 and whose main objective is to define a strategy for the coastal zone, so that it is compatible with the Area Plan that provides for touristic/recreational uses and the provision of safe conditions for the use of shore from the bathers.

Additional objectives are to achieve integrated management of the coastal zone, with viable and sustainable development projects, which will bring about the least possible impact on the environment.

The designer will prepare a General Plan for the projects that will be needed, Environmental Impact Assessment Study (EIA) for each individual project or measure that will be proposed, as well as a Strategic Environmental Impact Study (SEIA) due to the fact that the area is adjacent to the protected Oroklinis lake. It is noted that through the use of mathematical models and modern means, compliant solutions of protection measures will be provided for each sub-area of ​​the study.

The study will also take into account the views of the Municipality of Larnaca, which wishes to creation of a sandy public beach, where possible. “It is one of the conditions we set, so that the people can enjoy more the area that was liberated”, the mayor of Larnaca said to “F”, characterizing as a very important development the announcement of the tender for the study of the projects that need to be done. “It is one of the most important projects that will be done in the area and must be taken into account in the plans for private developments”, added Mr. Vyras.

It is noted that the completion of public works in the area is not a condition for the start of private developments, however, before they start, the beach lost to erosion must be recovered, in consultation with the relevant state departments.

The public works that will be done on the beach front

The public works that will need to be done in the area are included in the Area Plan prepared by the Department of Town Planning and Housing. These are divided into three phases: Phase I – Immediate Priority Projects, Phase II – Priority Projects and Phase III – Other Projects.

The first phase includes projects that, among other things, are related to the treatment of corrosion. Based on the studies that have already been prepared, which will be updated by the new one that will be carried out, the need to shield the greater part of the beach, carry out embankment and create a public beach area has emerged. The public beach space, through appropriate planning, should provide the possibility of creating a multi-functional park along the beach, which will offer multiple uses and activities. In addition, a coastal waterfront (Promenade) will be created, while the roads of primary importance will be shaped and completed. It is noted that the large project of the implementation of the third phase of the Larnaca-Dekelia road is already underway in the area, which will cost €17.6 million and is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The second phase, which concerns the priority projects, includes remodeling of the Archangelos-Kamitsis riverbed and shaping of the coastal road in the area of ​​the Larnaca Maritime Club. The river should be protected, beautified but also exploited so that through the appropriate configurations the area around it can be transformed into a green lung and a space in which recreational uses will be accommodated.

One of the most impressive priority projects is the formation of Psiloriti Street (Diagonios), which starts from the district around the church of Agios Ioannis and ends with an imaginary extension in the area where the largest oil tank of the area was located next to the sea. The aim is for the specific road axis to be an environmental road encouraging pedestrian and cyclist traffic along an avenue with large trees. On the road there will be provisions for the creation of small shops and cafes.

The third phase envisages the creation of a network of pedestrian and cycle paths, which will be connected to the lake of Oroklini and the rest of the areas of Larnaca. At the same time, a large coastal promenade will be created. The goal is for the pedestrian walkway, which will be an extension of the one in Oroklini, to join, through the works of Kition Ocean Holdings in the port and marina, with the one on the beach front of Finikoudes, which reaches the Mackenzie area.


The development started from Livadia

The works on the sea side may still be delayed, however, the same is not the case with the large area that was liberated and belongs to the borders of the Municipality of Livadia. As the mayor, Marios Armenis, reported in our newspaper, the construction of a luxury apartment complex near the facilities of the former refinery has already begun, and a second one will begin in the near future. Mr. Armenis pointed out that the demand that exists for the construction of houses, blocks of flats and tourist developments, has no precedent in the Municipality of Livadia. “We are constantly being contacted by investors from Cyprus and abroad who want to develop in Livadia. Recently an Israeli, who will invest for the first time in Cyprus, submitted an application to the Town Planning Department for 273 residential units and a boutique hotel.

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