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Great damage to the pharmaceutical warehouses of the Ministry of Health. Big ones quantities of drugs were destroyed by the disaster that hit Nicosia on the morning of Holy Monday, while thousands of packages had to be moved one by one to another place in order not to be affected by the water that flooded the building.

The Ministry of Healthsince that day, is in state of alarm with the competent Departments to calculate the damages and to promote at the same time the procedures for replenishing the stocks that have been destroyed, as there is now – among other things – the question of the adequacy of medicines for the next period.

From the first moment they were informed Health Insurance Agency and State Health Services Organization on whose behalf the Ministry keeps the drug stocks in these warehouses, while the Authorities are in full cooperation with all the companies that import the specific preparations into Cyprus.

Despite the efforts made in the previous two weeks to prevent any information from reaching the Mass Media, “F” received the relevant informationwhile he also secured photographs which he publishes today.

Rainwater but also hailwhich fell that day in the capital, they found an entrance through the roof of the building, due to damage to the protective false ceilingas a result flood warehouses and cause great damage to thousands of medicine packages who were in them.

A special committee was established at the Ministry of Healthin which all its competent Departments participate, in order to carry out the necessary control, to locate and record the packages whose contents have been destroyed, to be transported to a safe place stocks that were not affected by the water and to promote the necessary proceduresin collaboration with suppliers, to replace medicines that have become obsolete.

The process of separating the destroyed drugs is still ongoingsince the checks carried out are detailed and meticulous as there is no room for mistakes which, possibly, subsequently have a serious negative impact on patients.

The financial cost which will arise after the completion of this process, also, cannot yet be calculatedalthough there were medicines in the warehouses worth tens of millions of euros.

In cases where the control has been completed and the quantities destroyed (per medicinal product) have been identified, importers have been informed to replenish stocks and some quantities have already been replaced. As we are informed, the stock replenishment process will be continuous in the next period, since the goal is to avoid shortages that would endanger patients.

It is reported that they are kept in the specific warehouses specialized drugs that are administered to patientsor through its processes Nominal Requests Committee of the Ministry of Healthor from state pharmacies through GeSY. At the same time, all medicines purchased by OKYpY for public hospitals are kept.

It is also noteworthy that the Ministry of Health a few months ago promoted the procedures for securing other places to store the medicines, as it was decided long ago that the specific building was unsuitable.

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