In Baltimore on Friday, Joe Biden, ten days after the collapse of the bridge | Liberal


US President Joe Biden will visit Baltimore on Friday, ten days after the bridge collapse due to the cargo ship collision, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre announced today.

The metal Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday, killing six workers, when a huge container ship slammed into one of the support piers. Most of the debris fell into the Patapsco River, blocking the passage of ships.

During his visit to the disaster site, President Biden will hold talks with Maryland Gov. Wes Moore and other state officials, Karin Jean-Pierre said. “As the president said, hours after the (bridge) collapse, the administration will stand with the people of Baltimore,” he noted.

The White House spokeswoman added that the Biden administration is working with Congress to ensure that the cost of rebuilding the bridge will be covered by federal funds.


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