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The jellyfish, commonly known as stingrays, they don’t want to leave some beaches in Cyprus. Especially in the area of ​​Pervolia in Larnaca, the phenomenon seems to be more intense. Jellyfish they have appeared in other areas, but even where they haven’t, there is a fear that they are in the water and just haven’t been seen yet.

As long as the weather conditions were somewhat prohibitive for swimming, the issue did not concern the residents of the area but also those who have holiday homes. However, now that the weather has opened, the presence of jellyfish does not let sea lovers enter it for fear of stings.

Recently, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (TATHE), with the aim of protecting bathers, announced that an appearance of jellyfish of the species Rhopilema nomadica has been observed, on the southern and southeastern coasts of Cyprus, especially between the areas of Larnaca and Vasilikos.

Residents of the area told filenews that the diameter of the jellyfish reaches up to one meter.

Although the presence and increase of the jellyfish population is considered a temporary phenomenon, it has been bothering bathers for some time.

These jellyfish can sting humans causing excruciating pain.

In case of skin contact, the Fisheries Department recommends:

-Immobilization of the affected part of the body to prevent further spread of the tentacles.

-Remove tentacles or any tentacle remnants using a plastic card, a piece of wood or tweezers. Removal with bare hands is not recommended, as this will lead to the tentacles sticking to the hands and transferring the irritation to them.

-Rinse with sea water or vinegar, but without touching/rubbing the affected area. No use of fresh water.

– Avoiding improvised treatments such as rinsing the area with fresh water or alcohol, applying pressure or covering the wound with bandages, using creams or antihistamines without medical advice.

-If the pain persists, a doctor’s advice is recommended.

-People with allergies are advised to contact a doctor or go to a hospital.

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