Kai Cenat’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Stream Has Fans of Rockstar’s Modern Classic Western Scratching Their Heads


Kai Cenat, the influencer with the second-most subscribed Twitch streamer, spent the Friday night hosting a Red Dead Redemption 2 live stream. Except for the fact that viewers who tuned in for some time, saw him taking on the independent wrestler, Lord Adrean.

While he did spend some of his time playing the game, his WWE antics quickly became viral as it became a sensation on X. With Kai landing a proper Randy Orton-esque RKO on his opponent, it made for a thrilling watch. Fans later had a field day on X sharing their thoughts on the antics of the two influencers.

Kai Cenat’s Red Dead Redemption Stream Erupts Into WWE

Kai CenatKai Cenat

Mid-way through streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 the viral streamer was joined in his stream by independent wrestler Lord Adrean. He has gone viral for performing wrestling moves in public places. He entered the stream with a Claymore kick that caught his opponent square in the chest.


With his opponent on the ground, Lord Adrean moved in for the kill with a move that gamers can relate to as F5. However, he was countered with a Code Red by his opponent who then finished up with an RKO trademarked by Randy Orton. Onlookers unleashed a flurry of reactions and the clip soon went viral with several people posting the clip on community forums.

Another user posted the second part of the video in the comments where Lord Adrean’s opponent pulled another WWE move after which he emoted. One user however pointed out that ’emoting’ is just dancing and wondered why kids today call it emoting. Maybe they need an experience in the fields of Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Red Dead Redemption 2 x WWE

Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Redemption 2

Kai Cenat had originally started his stream with a promise of finishing the 50-odd hours of gameplay in one sitting. However, he must have not anticipated it erupting into the chaos that happened. Or even if he did, it was very nicely staged.

While there were plenty of people in the comments on the community forums who seemed to wonder what was the point of all these shenanigans, Kai Cenat is the clear winner here. He got a viral stream where hundreds and thousands of people tuned in. Even the naysayers contributed to his stream going viral.

With a track record of producing comedy-centric content, Kai’s livestream had started off pretty shakily but picked up adequate momentum with the introduction of Lord Adrean. His short cameo was probably more memorable than the entire time that Kai Cenat played Red Dead Redemption 2.

Did you happen to catch Kai Cenat’s livestream of Red Dead Redemption 2? Did you find it funny? Why do you think more more of content featuring this type of humor is being released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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