Kanye West Allegedly Forced Staff Members to Watch The Batman in Mute, Mimicked Super Mario After Threatening to Punch an Employee


Kanye West is probably one of the most chaotic personalities on the planet. From ranting on about Hitler’s greatness to jumping up and down with a Mario voice, West has garnered a lot of spotlight and also, a lot of attention.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), it was allegedly revealed that Kanye West is getting sued for workplace abuse. The compiled tweet showcased the various things that West has done over time and how the musician just keeps going further and further (and not in a good way)!

Kanye West in POWER music videoKanye West in POWER music video
Kanye West in POWER music video

Kanye West Allegedly Threatened To Punch His Employee Before Changing to Mario’s Voice!

Yes, the heading does sound something like straight out of Looney Tunes. But this is Kanye West we are talking about so some things are probably not going to make sense. With a number of things that Ye has been accused of, it seems like the world is slowly starting to oppose him.

Kanye WestKanye West
Kanye West in a still from one of his music videos

Back when he made the controversial comments about Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, Ye already lost several of his fans for saying that the Holocaust was fake. Well, Ye didn’t stop there, and as per an alleged lawsuit (via Variety), the Runaway singer seems to have done a lot more. As per a complied tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Kanye West allegedly once: –

  • Threatened his employee by saying that he was gonna punch him in the face after which, he quickly changed his tone to Mario’s victory voice and proclaimed that he was gonna give the employee a second chance!
  • The singer had talked about Hitler’s greatness and how the Holocaust was fake which caused a lot of controversy. Well, Ye said the speech in front of his employees then made them sit down in the conference room and watch The Batman on mute (we don’t know why)!
  • Introduced a “jail-like” structure at his Donda Academy for kids!
  • Proclaimed that people who got fat will be fired.
  • Last but not least, threatened the LGBTQ+ community by saying that they’d be “next” since they are controlled by Bill Gates (the billionaire) to not have children and keep the population under control!

So all in all, Kanye West has been allegedly up to some extreme activities over time. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), people talked about Ye and his mad crazy adventures and whether the man is actually sane anymore or not!

What People Had To Say About Kanye West’s Lawsuit

Kanye West in Runaway music videoKanye West in Runaway music video
Kanye West in Runaway music video

Taking to X, people talked about how Kanye West was once a great singer and because of his personal philosophies, lost some of the love and fans from around the world. Here’s what people had to say about the alleged genius who may have turned insane.

Well, the lawsuit has indeed taken place as reported by multiple media outlets. People do not know where the lawsuit is gonna go but we are sure that West might be in the public eye for quite a while (or avoid it wholly). The singer recently released a studio album titled Vultures 1 which is available to listen on Spotify and other music streaming services.

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