Kirsten Dunst Reveals Sony Didn’t Like Her Gothic Look, Calls Out Producer Who Forced Her To Get Her Teeth Straightened


In the days of smartphones and social media, everyone is expected to put their best foot forward and show the best parts of themselves, especially stars of the film industry. However, according to Kirsten Dunst, this wasn’t something that was common back in the day.

While paparazzi were always present to take your picture in your best and worst moments, not every civilian possessed a camera in their pockets to show what you did and how you looked to the world in mere moments.

Kirsten Dunst in a still from Spider-Man
Kirsten Dunst in a still from Spider-Man

Thus, she claims that her polarizing looks in real life were not as talked about in the public domain as is happening in modern times today. Yet back then, she did face problems because of her gothic style and appearance, which had also irked a Sony official. She recalled that they had a startling problem with her uneven teeth which is why they demanded her to get them straightened.

Kirsten Dunst Reveals How People Had Problems With Her Gothic Looks In The Past

Kirsten Dunst in a still from Hidden Figures
Kirsten Dunst in a still from Hidden Figures

Appearing appealing to the wider public to get them interested in you as a person has been something that the residents of Hollywood have been known to do or advised to do since way back. But then there were stars like Kirsten Dunst, who took a hard stance against conforming to a certain image for someone else and changing her whole personality because of it.

In an interview profile with GQ recently, the Jumanji actress opened up about her bold gothic looks when she was at the height of her popularity in the film industry during her younger days. She said that while she was happy to look the way she did, not everyone agreed with it.

She revealed that since her teeth were uneven back then, one producer from Sony, while working on Spider-Man, took her without warning, to the dentist to get her teeth straightened. She also stated that the company didn’t like her look just because she didn’t appeal to the wider audience, which would mean fewer people wanted to see her on the big screen. She said:

“The studio was like, ‘She looks very goth’. And they didn’t like that, probably because they wanted me to look like a sexy young woman who would appeal to a broader range of whoever gets seats in the theatre. I was never that girl. I never did it.”

She feels grateful that due to the extremely low popularity of social media back then, she wasn’t made or felt pressured to look a certain way that she didn’t want to.

What Has Kirsten Dunst Been Upto After Spider-Man?

Kirsten Dunst in a still from Civil War
Kirsten Dunst in a still from Civil War

While it may have been a long while since the conclusion of the Spider-Man trilogy in 2007, Dunst hasn’t stopped making films or showcasing her talent on the big screen.

Since then, the actress has been seen playing several roles in many critically acclaimed films over the years like her 2016 sports/drama film Hidden Figures. Most recently, she was seen playing the role of a military journalist in Alex Garland’s 2024 sci-fi/action film titled Civil War, which had just as many controversies surrounding it as it has critical appraisals.

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