Kohei Horikoshi on How He Created the Wildest My Hero Academia Superpower


Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is scheduled to return on May 4, 2024. Fans are pretty excited about the anime returning after almost a year. The manga has been progressing at a steady pace, with the end nearing. The main protagonists are deep into their battle with the antagonists. My Hero Academia began serialization in 2014, and since then has become one of the most popular shows worldwide.

Initially, the mangaka wrote it as a one-shot manga. Soon, it became popular among the readers. There are several quirks in the anime, which would be pretty handy in daily life. While most of them were carefully selected by mangaka, others randomly popped up in his mind. Gran Torino’s quirk is one such instance where Kohei Horikoshi had to not think at all.

Gran Torino Bears A Connection With Shower Heads

Gran Torino My hero academiaGran Torino My hero academia
Gran Torino (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Kohei Horikoshi is pretty popular, especially for his weird flexing about My Hero Academia’s characters. During an interview, he mentioned that he would like to maintain a safe distance from Bakugo Katsuri. It is as if he sees them as real people. He also uses real-life inspiration to create them and gives them quirks accordingly. Initially, he added quirks based on the requirement of a character, but Gran Torino is one of the few exceptions.

During an interview, he said, “For example, with Gran Torino, I came up with his Quirk when I was taking a shower. I looked at the showerhead and was like, ‘Oh, that would be cool… for something to come out of his feet.’ Like, have propellant coming out of them. So, that is how his Quirk was inspired.” It is pretty interesting to think that Kohei Horikoshi’s mind is always working even when he is relaxing.

Kohei HorikoshiKohei Horikoshi
Kohei Horikoshi (Credit: YouTube/@SYFY)

Gran Torino is one of the most crucial side characters in My Hero Academia, and his quirk of getting inspired by a showerhead is quite amusing. The shower head was a concept art, even though Gran Torino uses the air force instead of the water force. Moreover, his quirk is definitely not used for bathing.

Gran Torino Is A Crucial Member of My Hero Academia’s Cast

Sorahiko Torino, popularly known by his pro-hero name, Gran Torino, is a retired Pro-Hero and a former teacher at U.A. Academy. He is the mentor of Izuku Midoriya. Previously, he was a mentor to Toshinori Yagi, a.k.a. All Might. Torino helped Midoriya overcome his obstacles and gain better control over his quirk, One For All.

gran torino training with izuku midoriya in my hero academiagran torino training with izuku midoriya in my hero academia
Gran Torino training with Izuku Midoriya

Even after retiring, he is actively helping the Police in their investigation of the League of Villains and Paranormal Liberation Front. He is capable of knocking out villains like Twice, Dabi, Magne, etc. He is one of the most crucial side characters in My Hero Academia. Gran Torino only took a few days to analyze Izuku Midoriya’s strength and helped him to improve, while All Might took more than a year.

His Jet quirk is also a handy quirk that lets him release a gush of air from his foot. It allows him to travel short distances in a flash and gives him the give of flight for a few seconds. My Hero Academia fans will be pleased to know that Kohei Horikoshi’s creativity knows no bounds. Gran Torino is just an example of the mangaka’s true abilities.

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