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The Greek Prime Minister’s wife Mareva Grabovski-Mitsotakis is taking legal action against his deputy SYRIZA Elena Akrita, both in the criminal and civil courts, after a post by Mrs. Akrita on social media, which is characterized as defamatory.

In particular, as announced by the Prime Minister’s press office “Following yesterday’s slanderous post by SYRIZA Member of State Elena Akrita, the content of which was repeated today by Mrs. Mareva Grabovski Mitsotawill take the necessary legal actions in the immediate future in accordance with civil and criminal law, with the aim of restoring the truth and her personality.

We consider it self-evident that the entire SYRIZA parliamentary group will accept the lifting of Mrs. Akrita’s immunity, in order for her to be held accountable in justice for her false and slanderous allegations.”

The post of the SYRIZA member of parliament that causes the reaction of Mrs. Grabovski-Mitsotakis, is a comment on another post, by the journalist Thanos Dimadis, who argued that “the mistake of Mareva Mitsotakis in Greece is that Tyler was not born”. Ms. Akrita, reversing the argument, wrote:

“Tyler’s mistake is that Mareva was not born” and continued:
“Tyler doesn’t have a Voltaire house.
He doesn’t have 40 properties that we don’t know where he keeps his hat from.
He does not do strange business with big companies.
He does not undertake costume assignments for free, such as Aegean and the costumes-extremes of taxi drivers at Lyriki.
He does not play politics with deals under the table.
He does not abuse his partner’s institutional position.
He does not bother with sms and phone calls to entrepreneurs and big publishers.
He doesn’t play games with Pothen Esche, he doesn’t do anything illegal, nothing suspicious.
I have gotten to know Tyler Macbeth well. I have had many conversations with him and I can assure you that he is a serious, empathetic, politically minded and independent person.
He is not Stefanos’ tail, he is not a follower, he is not decorative. And he certainly does not indulge in underground Byzantineisms like the lady in question.
Tyler supports his man and supports him on the ground, while keeping the autonomy of his personality intact.
That’s why Tyler, you’re lucky you weren’t born Mareva.”

Mrs. Akrita repeated the content of this post today, after the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis urged the MP to apologize to Mrs. Mitsotakis. Mr. Georgiadis, speaking on a television show, noted that Mrs. Akrita should be ashamed, since her political opponent is Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and he wondered how a woman accepts being the target of such merciless criticism because she married a man. “I’ve been a minister for five years and he hasn’t called me, hasn’t sent a message about the ministry. Mr. Dimadis wrote something. Is Mrs. Akrita sitting and insulting the Prime Minister’s wife? What do they want? Should they break up the Mitsotakis family?”

Her new post is as follows:

Adonis Georgiadis asks me to apologize to Mareva Mitsotakis. This is probably an April Fool’s joke. Because it’s for laughs even if he said it himself with a straight face – after all, that’s how the most successful jokes are told in a serious way.
Happy to ask, if he means it. But first tell me what lie I wrote.
-Doesn’t the Mitsotakis couple have 40 properties that no one knows the origin of?
-Didn’t the Mitsotakis “divorce” (really? Virtually? Why are they hiding it?) to avoid Pothen Esche’s joint tax return?
-Isn’t the Mitsotakis couple related to business fireplaces?
– Mrs. Mitsotakis has not – unknown how! – Voltaire’s house.
-Didn’t the (former) shop of Mrs. Mitsotakis generously undertake to design the costumes for Aegean and our Lyric stage?
So where is the lie?
In order to apologize, they must first tell the Greek people how their party came to have 450,000,000 in debt that you and I have paid. Where did the taxpayers’ money go?
To apologize, they must first tell the Greek people that they found themselves with 40 properties in their possession.
{Because I have 6 properties. Two from an inheritance, one that my mother built in 1992 in Saronida on a plot of land left to me by my grandmother, and three from my work of 40 years with almost 13 stamps and from the serials that we wrote with Giorgos.
My husband has his father’s house in Trikala and a plot of land).
I gave, give and will give a fight so that the Pothen Esches of journalists and politicians FINALLY stop simply recording our assets, but also mention the source of their acquisition with tangible evidence: purchases, inheritances, parental benefits, notarial documents, everything ). Not only “Esshes” but also “Pothen”.
I have all the papers for the 6 properties.
Do they have those for 40?
Listen sorry.
The disputed text in the first comment.

See the post:

Mrs. Akrita, in fact, came back again, and referring to the Minister of Health, she wrote:

Oh, and Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, don’t bully me. Every time you catch me in your mouth, I will remind the Greek people of the obscenities you said about Kyriakos Mitsotakis before you became a sharp NDcrat.

“If you (Kyriakos) are a scion of deep wealth, you can have many philosophical concerns. You obviously belong to the category of those who have never had to work in their lives.”
Ironically and with reference to the Siemens scandal: “Kyriakos Mitsotakis, this great parliamentary man, is a man who represents a family that offered so much to the country, without ever being heard of any involvement in any relationship with a private or other company, always paying out of their own pockets, with their property destroyed by their involvement in politics.”
At the end you burst out laughing: “I’M SAYING THIS TRYING TO BE SERIOUS, BUT I CAN’T”!
“Whoever votes for PASOK or N.D. legalizes the theft of public money. These two parties are both thieves and liars.”
“The motto of the N.D. they were “modest and humble”. Now it has changed and it is “modest and cash”.
“Not populist solutions, like Kyriakos Mitsotakis, but real solutions.”
Do you want more? Be my guest.

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