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BART police have
more work to do

Re: “BART police rolling with safety in numbers plan” (Page A1, March 30).

It was interesting to read Saturday’s article on BART police, whose in-station ad says their pay starts at over $120,000.

Our Friday night BART experience included four young men stomping on an apparent drug user, and at least one sleeping, possibly incapacitated inhabitant in each car. I would imagine that none of the participants in these activities had bought a fare or had the right to be on the train. Fare enforcement should be a major priority, and a police presence on late-night trains would also be helpful.

BART provides an environmentally positive transportation method and a resource for those who can’t drive, but paying passengers deserve the expectation of a safe and civil experience. We remember BART’s early days when that was the case and hope it will become the norm again.

Steven Cady

History shows nation
can heal divides

Re: “California is not really ‘American.’ Thank you” (Page A9, March 31).

The fervent declaration by Joe Mathews regarding the Californian vs. American identity highlights the ongoing national identity crisis and the widening political divide among states. While this crisis may seem daunting, examining historical precedents may offer a fresh perspective on our current challenges.

In the 1950s and 1960s, McCarthyism swept through the nation, fueling anti-communist fervor and persecution that shook the very foundation of the American identity. The House Un-American Activities Committee relentlessly interrogated thousands of suspected communist-affiliated federal employees, exposing deep-seated divisions within the nation. Yet, despite the intense conflict, America has always found a way to come together. The founding principles of our nation embrace diversity of opinion. What has remained steadfast throughout history is our ability to ultimately unite in pursuit of a common purpose.

As we navigate the challenges of today, let us draw inspiration from the resilience and unity that have defined our nation’s past.

Marco Li
Palo Alto

Trump is not
God’s chosen one

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