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Letters: Thankful for freedom | Defending Price

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Amid challenges, give
thanks for freedom

There’s a lot of negativity, tension, and pessimism in the world today. On this Thanksgiving Day, let’s be grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy, and often take for granted. And let’s be sure to remember and thank those who came before us; those who sacrificed so much to bring us to this day.

As Americans, we have much to be grateful for. We have freedom, and freedom is everything.

That all men and all women are created equal, and carry with them God-given rights to life and to liberty, is a truth self-evident to us, and a truth that should be recognized and assumed all around the world!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Pete Campbell
San Jose

It’s up to voters
to defend Price’s win

Re: “DA Price delivers firey rebuke as she launches anti-recall campaign” (Page A1, Nov. 18).

I was at the event Shomik Mulkarjee wrote about. An accurate description of the event, but there were comments in the piece that need clarification.

Pamela Price is not “dating” Antwon Cloird; he is her life partner whose honors and accomplishments were omitted. SB 483 provides resentencing for people who were given enhancements unfairly;it is this new law that DA Price is following. The prosecutors who left the DA’s office were those who raised large sums of money for DA Price’s opponent.

DA Price’s message to us was that she is busy at work in the DA’s office 10-12 hours a day. It is up to us, the community who elected her, to protect the win.

Ellen Coffey

Israel’s history of
violence feeds Hamas

“How can you condemn Israeli violence without condemning Hamas attacks?” Of course, almost everyone critical of Israel’s horrendous violence against innocent Palestinians does condemn the Hamas attack.

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