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The stable course of our country’s economy cannot and should not be put at risk on the altar of pre-election expediencies of those who invest in inexpensive slogans and thoughtless allowances, the Government Spokesperson says in a written statement, Konstantinos Letympiotis.

Our country has been endangered in the recent past by ignorance and contempt danger because some invested in the ephemeral, not caring about the consequences, because they were willfully blind instead of envisioning a developed and prosperous country. At the same time which the IMF warns about the consequences of horizontal measures, some -unfortunately- in Cyprus consciously ignore and are indifferent. Fortunately, this time it is not the Government that says that the crisis will pass us by. Being fully aware of the criticality of the decisions to be made we will continue to proceed responsibly, soberly and with a specific plan.

The development today in Cyprus is above most of our European partners while inflation is now approaching 2%. Fiscal performance continues to be strong, significantly reducing public debt.

As the IMF itself notes, strong fiscal policy remains key to macroeconomic stability. Based on strong revenue performancethe primary surplus increased in 2023 to 4.4% of GDP. This, along with strong growth, reduced the public debt at 77% of GDP. Among other factors, fiscal responsibility, falling debt, substantial cash buffers and recently demonstrated financial resilience have supported credit upgrades and improved market sentiment.

This is the Cyprus we want, a model country with a sound financial systemstrong real economy. We envision a Cyprus of development and prosperity, a modern country where the daily life of our citizens will constantly improve and which will lay solid foundations for the future.

We will unwaveringly continue the development path of our countryto present policies and reforms that improve the daily life of citizens by addressing it of energy precision providing incentives and tools for further penetration of REScontainment of inflationary trends, dealing with housing but also policies that enhance transparency and raise the name of our country internationally.

It makes a bad impression political forces to negate themselves or to confirm in other cases their bad self promoting populism and provisioning. Society is in crisis. The most important service to the country is responsible, prudent policy and honesty.

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