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The curtain opens tomorrow on the hearing process in the framework of the investigation of what emerges from the book “Mafia State” by Makarios Drousiotis.

As of last week, the author/researcher himself has been summoned to appear tomorrow before the inspection officers appointed by the Independent Anti-Corruption Authority and to give his positions.

Already the Australian-born expert, Gabrielle Louise McIntyre, which will have the general mandate regarding the investigation of this case, has been in Cyprus since March 25. The very next day he got to work with the other members of the research team, the Greek Cypriot lawyers, Charilaos Chrysanthou, Orestis Nikitas and Andreas Efthymiou.

However, the four inspectors have already done a lot of work on the case. Let’s remember, after all, that McIntyre had also come to our island at the beginning of last month, where for a period of six days (3-9/3) she had contacts with her colleagues for the best possible preparation of their research project.

The four inspection officers have a wide scope in their investigation, based on their terms of reference. It is indicative, after all, that long before reaching the inspection officers, the officers of the Authority read the book and divided the chapters and sub-chapters, according to each case that emerges.

As is known, the main person of the research is former President, Nikos Anastasiadis and what is attributed to him in the book. The issues to be investigated concern, among others, Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev and what happened in Cyprus after the latter’s divorce.

In the book, the role of a large law firm and its relationship with the then President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, curious processes of the Parliament to amend legislation, court decisions that favored the Russian oligarch and capital transfers were highlighted. Anastasiades, however, has categorically rejected the accusations against him. As part of the investigation into this aspect, officials of the former President’s government are also expected to testify.

One of the aspects that the aforementioned will touch on with their research work, concerns the Police and the subject of surveillance. Evaluating the chapters of the book, they reportedly concluded that there is a question for investigating a deliberate act in relation to the Cyprus Police.

Drousiotis in his book gave personal testimonies when he had come to the conclusion that he was being monitored by software that had previously infected his electronic personal devices. He describes, among other things, the reaction of members of the Police when he raised his suspicions and evidence that he was the victim of wiretapping. In his book he had formulated the position that members of the Police did not seem willing to investigate what he had told them.

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