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The new goals and new challenges for the current year were mentioned by Minister of Agricultureof Rural Development and Environment, Maria Panagiotou, at a press conference one year after assuming the Presidency.

The new Minister who succeeded Petros Xenophontos last January reported on the new actions that are launched and respond to the governance program and put people and the environment at the center.
The Minister of Agriculture he mentioned some of the upcoming actions which will be announced in due course. Among other things, he mentioned the national investment plan for water projects that will serve the needs of both water supply and irrigation throughout Cyprus. The plan includes 33 water infrastructure projects for water supply, sewage, reclaimed water and irrigation with an estimated value of €722 million, which are under construction with a completion horizon of 2024-2029.
Regarding the time of payment of compensations through the Risk Management Fund in agriculture, Mrs. Panagiotou pointed out that “although the time of payment of compensations has improved, more work is needed both to reduce it further, but also to be closer to the actual loss of income suffered by the farmer.”
He also referred to e-kofini, a digital tool that will offer up-to-date information on average selling prices of agricultural staples as determined by producer groups and organizations, as well as retail prices from various outlets.
At the same time, he said, we need to give increased support to new technologies, such as innovative irrigation systems. That is why, he added, we are working on investment measures that will contribute to the rational management of water resources, as well as to the reduction of the costs paid by farmers to irrigate their crops.

Ms. Panagiotou expressed support for the installation of third-generation permeable agrovoltaic and anti-hail systems which contribute to ensuring the production of quality products with reduced production costs, as well as to the expansion of biological control of rodents in livestock areas.

He underlined that the joint initiative with the First Lady continues for the transformation of the Presidential Palace into a Zero Waste Building in the landfills and pointed out that in the coming weeks the verification of the Presidential Palace building as a zero waste building in the landfills is expected.

Next December, the first operational joint exercise will take place within the Cypriot EEZ with the participation of the states of Israel and Greece and with the support of the Regional Center for Response to Marine Pollution Emergencies in the Mediterranean (REMPEC), in the context of the implementation of the Sub-Regional Marine Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.

Within 2024, the process of establishing and including the new proposed marine protected area “Agios Georgios Alamanos” in the “Natura 2000” network and the extension of the existing “Natura 2000” area “Cabo Greco” will be completed. Furthermore, all the actions related to the expansion of the Natura 2000 network, the completion of the 38 pending decrees for its management and protection, and the improvement of the evaluation process of the projects submitted to an environmental assessment, have already begun and are expected to be completed in the coming months. The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment emphasized that it is necessary to fill in all pending cases in order to end the violation procedures, but also to proceed with improvements that will prevent new violations.

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