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Nicolas Cage’s 2-Headed Snake, Was Tired of Separating Them With a Spatula While Having Dinner: “It was too beautifully weird”

Nicolas Cage is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, having starred in a huge number of massively successful projects like Face/Off, National Treasure, Leaving Las Vegas, and The Rock, he has made a name for himself as a truly skilled and versatile actor who has a range that very few possess. For this skill, he has been awarded time and time again, including receiving immense critical acclaim, as well as being nominated for an Academy Award once, for his work in the 2002 film, Adaptation, and won the same in the category of Best Actor, for his work in the 1995 film, Leaving Las Vegas.

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

Being as successful as he is, it is quite weird to find out that the actor made quite a major life decision based on a dream he had. The actor decided to get a two-headed snake after he dreamt of something similar, only to have to let it go after he got tired of having to separate the two heads with a spatula over and over.

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Nicolas Cage Had A Dream About  A Two Headed Eagle

Recently, Nicolas Cage gave an interview with The Guardian, where he talked about how his dreams have influenced his professional life a lot over the course of his career. He mentioned that if he ever got too stressed about how he was going to do a scene during the shooting of one of his films, he had the perfect solution for it. The actor revealed that he would end up going to sleep and hoping that he would get a solution there. He would channel the feelings that he got in his dreams and channel that into his performance the next day, oddly enough, this worked for him.

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy in Kick-Ass

If I’m stressed about how to play a scene, I’ll ask for a gift from my dreams.” he went on,“Isn’t that so wonderfully bizarre?” he gasps. “Yes, I was dreaming about two-headed eagles – I don’t know what to take from that –”

With this, he also mentioned another major decision that he took after having a dream about it. He confessed that once he had a bizarre dream about a two-headed eagle. He found this dream to be extremely odd and weird. He also confessed that he had absolutely no idea what to do with this, until the next day, when he received a call from his manager.

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A Coincidence Quickly Turned Into a Nuisance

Nicolas Cage revealed that he received a call from his manager, telling him that someone had called him and asked if the actor was interested in buying an animal. This animal in question is a two-headed snake. Not thinking this to be a mere coincidence, he immediately accepted. He added that he connected the dots and simply could not say no to something like this, adding that the entire situation was beautifully odd.

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off

“Yes, I was dreaming about two-headed eagles – I don’t know what to take from that – and then the next day, some guy called my manager to ask if I was interested in buying a two-headed snake. I couldn’t say no because I was connecting the dots. It was too beautifully weird.”

This beautiful thing soon turned into a nightmare for him. The actor revealed that it wasn’t too long before he discovered how much of a complicated procedure it is to own pets like this. He elaborated on this, stating that he learned that when the snake was eating, its two heads had to be separated with a spatula to prevent them from fighting. Finding this to be far too complicated, he decided to donate it to a zoo.

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