No April Fools’ Day: Walmart now delivering live creatures to your door


Ordering groceries has become common in today’s world. But live creatures? That’s something different.

Walmart announced it will now offer live bait as part of its delivery service. Live bait is eligible for delivery early morning and late-night Express Delivery, as well as on-demand delivery that’s available in about an hour from select locations. Live-bait deliveries are available starting at 6 a.m. – in other words, before anglers hit the water.

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According to an announcement from the company, Walmart started live-bait delivery from 3,000 of its stores in mid-March. The retailer has long been a major player in the live-bait world, selling so much a year that if you lay the worms out end to end, it would stretch 14,200 miles, or six times the distance between Los Angeles to New York City.

Orders can be placed through the company’s website or app and members of Walmart+ – the retailer’s paid shopping program – will receive standard delivery for free.

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