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THE Cyprus’ police comes into play in relation to the case of a company registered in Cyprus related to the Intellexa group and the Predator tracking software. The reason for the business entity Santinomo.

As philenews is informed, since last Friday, the Unit for Combating Cover-Up Crimes (MOKAS)after examining information forwarded to her by an affected person, decided to promote her case for criminal investigation by the Cyprus Police and its competent departmentwhich is the Economic Crime Prosecution Sub-Directorate.

A person who is in a position to know data and is alleged to be directly affected by Intellexa’s work and the use of predator software, according to our knowledge; has been informing MOKAS for days about curious changes in Santinomo’s corporate file that may raise questions of legitimacy. In particular, the person in question appears to have committed himself to MOKAS by speaking of “virtual and/or fake transfer of Cypriot company shares”.

According to reports on March 20 by Inside Story and the newspaper “Politis”, the whole case is related to changes made in the Cypriot company Santinomo Ltd, which has been interconnected with the interests of Intellexa. The group of companies in question, whose range of products includes Predator surveillance software, was founded by the Israeli entrepreneur Tal Dilian. The latter had a cycle of activities in Cyprus, as was proven in the case with the black van. Santinomo is shown to hold 35% of the Greek Intellexa SA, which in turn is included in the “black lists” of the US Departments of Commerce and Finance and operates under Dilian’s group of companies.

As can be seen from what was published, two days later sanctions imposed by the US (OFAC) in companies of the Group founded by Dilian, Santinomo Limited informed the Registrar of Companies of Cyprus with a delay of 39 months, that on December 19, 2020, Felix Bizios took over the management of the company again, succeeding Andrea Gabacsi and Finsol Enterprises returned to the position of company secretary. At the same time, Gabachi reportedly told Inside Story in early March that he was never involved in Santinomo’s management structure. In other words, legality issues are raised with the changes in the company’s file.

It is presented throughout the case to involve a Greek lawyer, who is indirectly supervised by the Pancypriot Bar Association. The official body of lawyers in Cyprus is investigating the case and may initiate internal accountability procedures, without excluding informing the Police about the circumstances surrounding the case.

An investigation into the role of Santinomo and the latest actions is also being carried out by the Department of the Comptroller of Companies of Cyprus, according to statements made to “F” by the Superintendent, Irini Mylonas Chrysostomou.

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