Palma restaurant reported for refusing entry to two blind people with their guide dogs


At around 7.15pm last Saturday, two blind people requested the presence of the Palma Local Police in a restaurant in the city centre, as the restaurant manager had refused them entry as they were accompanied by their guide dogs.

The individuals, both Spanish and in their 50s, explained to the manager of the establishment that guide dogs can access any place without limitation and, faced with her insistent refusal (who even refused to provide them with the complaint form), they were forced to request the mediation of the police officers. In fact, it was the officers themselves who had to help them fill in the complaint and at the same time inform the citizens of the possibility of reporting the facts.

Lola, the woman affected by this situation, stated in subsequent telephone contacts that the guide dogs are subject to continuous health checks, which they can prove by certificates and are even allowed access to hospitals. Xelma, a 10 year old German Shepherd, and Ures, a 6 year old Labrador, are perfectly trained and comply with the strictest veterinary controls.

The Local Police want to make the public aware that a guide dog is not a pet, but an extension of its owner, so that, except in specific cases provided for, by law, they can access the same places.

The argument put forward by the restaurant manager was that her boss has forbidden animals from entering the premises.

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