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Once you have freshly made bread, there’s no going back. It can be rewarding to bake sourdough bread at home, but that costs time and patience that most people just don’t have. The solution? Getting a bread maker. Investing in a bread maker not only ensures you get delectable, fresh bread on demand, but it could also save you money on your grocery bill in the long run. The best part of all: You just throw the ingredients into the machine and walk away — the machine mixes, rises and bakes.

As far as bread makers go, our favorite is the Cuisinart Automatic bread maker. We’ve been waiting for a discount on this product for months, and we’re happy to report that it’s finally on sale. Right now, you can score Amazon’s No. 1 best-selling bread maker for 23% off. Considering how long we’ve waited for this deal, we don’t think it’ll last long, so take advantage of this markdown before it disappears.

Cuisinart Automatic bread maker: Save 23%



This bread maker truly does all the work for you. All you have to do is add the ingredients, select one of the 12 program options and voila, your bread is ready. The 12 program options are diverse, allowing you to make white, French, whole wheat, sweet and gluten-free bread, as well as cake and even jam. 

There are also options for packaged mixes, and the machine even can make premade dough that you bought at the grocery store. If you’re making bread that requires a convection oven, but don’t want to go through the process of making the dough manually, the machine can do that too, just select “dough” or the “artisan dough” options. 

Additionally, you can select your desired crust shade — light, medium or dark — and the weight of your loaf — one pound, 1.5 pounds and two pounds. How long your bread or dough takes to make depends on the settings you choose, but overall, expect about 1.5 to five hours of production time. 

We like that you can view the progress of your bread via the viewing window on the lid of the bread maker. Plus, if you want to schedule breadmaking while you’re out at work, there’s a 13-hour delay start timer. Purchase includes a helpful recipe booklet as well, which contains recipes for delectable breads such as baklava, brioche, panettone and more. 

The Cuisinart Automatic bread maker has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, “I have used this for three months now and I love it. Easy to clean, works as advertised. The settings are easy to use. I use it a lot and it is showing its value. This is my first bread machine and I am so glad I got this. It does all the work for you.”  

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