Seizure of 1.3 tons of cocaine in Honduras – 10 traffickers arrested | Liberal


Its principles Honduras seized yesterday Sunday 1.3 tons of cocaine found on three boats in the Bahia island complex in the Caribbean Sea.

According to the prosecution, men of the security forces who boarded the three boats found the drugs during an investigation and arrested a total of ten traffickers.

All those arrested are Honduran nationals, while the cocaine is said to have come from Colombia.

Since the 1970s, Honduras has been a transit hub for cocaine, which comes from South American countries and is destined for the United States.

Honduran President Xiomara Castro, who took office in January 2022, has vowed to fight drug cartels.

Her predecessor, Juan Orlando Hernandez, was extradited to the US for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking and faces a life sentence. On March 8, a New York federal court found him guilty of facilitating the trafficking of approximately 500 tons of cocaine into the United States between 2004 and 2022. His sentence will be announced on June 26.


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