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Senate Bill 83 will drive college candidates, graduates and professors out of Ohio

Ohio has trouble getting young, educated people to stay in the state. A 2018 study by the Fordham Institute found 51% of native Ohioans plan to leave the state after graduating from college.

The problem is severe enough that Columbus Republicans proposed a law in 2021 that would pay Ohio college graduates to stay home after they graduated. The law also offered substantial scholarships to out of state students to attend an Ohio university.

Now, these same legislators seem intent on running college candidates, graduates, and professors out of our state with passage of Senate Bill 83.

This legislation, a perfect example of performative “culture war” law-making, will drive Ohio even farther down national education rankings. The law seeks to tell college professors what they can and can’t teach so that right wingers won’t be made uncomfortable by anything they might hear.

The law also seeks to give tenure only to those professors deemed to be free of “liberal bias”.

Conservatives used to make fun of liberals for wanting “safe spaces”. Now they want to spend millions of dollars so they can have a place on campus where they aren’t ridiculed by the “liberal elite.”

Faith Greer,


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