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Snow day means sledding, football for local students

(WKBN) – Students from across the Valley took advantage of the snow day on Wednesday to get outside and have some fun.

Kids from various schools got together to go sledding at Mill Creek Park. Many of them said they were excited to have a snow day.

The kids ranged from 5 years old to about 12 years old. They attend Columbiana, Crestview and Heartland Christian.

The day off of school meant time with friends and doing anything besides schoolwork.

We were told the snow day was much needed and the snow was pretty good for sledding.

Reporter Megan Lee: “What makes snow good snow?”
Heartland Christian 5th grader Eli Best: “Soft, it’s not icy. It’s very smooth, you can pack it well.”

Columbiana student Addison Finch: “Hang out at home, play games, watch TV.”
Columbiana student Devon Finch: “Help people shoveling their driveway.”
Addison: “Yeah, we like to help our neighbors shovel their driveways.”
Devon: “And we make hot chocolate, the best.”

Most of the kids on the hill said they were happy to see the snow. They even asked if our First News team could give them another snow day, but we said that’s not how it works.

Over in Poland, students also felt the weather conditions were too good to pass up. They met on the field of the 1999 state champions and embraced the cold and wet snow.

The group of 10 even played tackle football, not two-hand touch.

The Browns and Steelers played in the cold weather around Christmas when the wind chill was well below zero. Plus, Sunday’s Bengals game was played in a snowstorm.

So, the students saw their heroes play in the cold and wanted to do the same.

“When we were all younger, we dreamed of going to the NFL. We just love this game and it’s fun because of the snow and tackling. It’s awesome,” said junior JD Memo.

The group hinted that they might do it again if they got another snow day.

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