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An original phantasmagorical spectacle… lit up the Attic sky on Sunday night. One Drone Show organized by the Region of Attica for its celebration Greek Revolution of 1821 and which aesthetically reminded similar events abroad.

250 drones turned the sky in the center of Athens into a colorful canvas with 3d figures, animated shapes, logos and texts, which alternated with each other, in a unique storytelling experience using the most modern technology.

At the Drone Show, lasting 10 minutesthose who were in the center of Athens on Sunday evening, had the opportunity to enjoy in the Attic sky seven of the most characteristic symbols – expressions of the National Liberation Struggle.

The video from the impressive Drone Show of the Attica Region:

The pigeon

The universal symbol and ideal of all the peoples of the earth. The postman of good news, the prophet of peace and the evangelist of the good and the beautiful to whom history has devoted many pages.

The warship with the flag of Mani

The banner of the Revolution with the blue cross that refers to the phrase of self-sacrifice: “VICTORY or DEATH”, “THAN or ON THEM”.

The pistols

The short-handled, short-handled weapons that the fighters carried on their belts, in specially designed cases.

The naval cannon of the revolution

It was used in ships and played a decisive role in the all-important fight for freedom, both in naval battles and in the defense of castles and fortifications of the time.


With movements that reflect his heroic character, after the Revolution of 1821 the figure of the “euzone” has emerged as one of the most powerful symbols of the modern history of Greece, as a symbol of boyhood and bravery.

The impressive Drone Show of the Attica Region, which was held with the kind sponsorship and support of DEDDIE, “opened” with the anniversary milestone of “1821” and closed with the spectacular waving of the blue and white flag, the most sacred symbol of the Nation.

In his statements, the Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, pointed out:

“March 25 is not a typical anniversary. It is an integral part of our national identity and our daily life. The Region of Attica has chosen a special and different action this year, in order for the timeless message of the Greek Revolution to reach high. In the Attic sky. In order to remind constantly and in every way – and especially to the new generations – that nothing was given to us.

With modern technologies as a basic tool, we want our message to reach everywhere. Let everyone know, in an experiential way, the greatness of our ancestors who fought, defying the dangers and the numerical superiority of the enemy, in order to make our country free and great.

We honor the historic struggles and sacrifices of the heroes of the 21st century. Their sacrifices are our sacred heritage. Our own guide to responsibility and duty towards the motherland. And we will do everything possible to remind the younger generations that freedom requires virtue and courage.”


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