Stellar Blade Dev Offers 1 Tip to Make the Demo (and the Full Game) Significantly Easier


Stellar Blade’s demo is out now, and players have been enjoying a glimpse of what is seemingly one of the most anticipated action-adventure exclusive titles for the PS5. The game’s combat system and character design may pull you in, but there are a few players who are having trouble with the game’s visual/display.

Quite a few players are experiencing slow response and input lag with the game’s combat system and frame rates. Though this isn’t a major problem, the learning can feel twice as challenging when the controller’s input isn’t matching the game’s parry system.

If you’re facing troubles with the game’s slow response, try this

Stellar Blade ScreenshotStellar Blade Screenshot
A simple visual and input glitch can hinder your experience with the game.

The game is naturally quick and rich in atmosphere, making many instances cinematic. However, even players with good monitors (that support up to 240 Hz) are facing a slight glitch that makes things feel a bit slow. Not only is this a visual issue, it hinders the input from the controller, making the combat feel even more challenging.

The game’s official page suggests a simple change; turning your TV’s Game Mode option on. This may seem like a non-serious approach to fixing the problem, but might just work wonders for your gameplay experience.

There’s another big tip by user Fendera that suggests turning off Film Grain and using a custom button layout. It’s likely that the developers will suggest more solutions, or come up with a fix soon enough.

Until there’s more news on a possible long-term fix, these small tweaks will have to work. The combat system can feel a bit difficult considering the tight parry system, and this input lag may make things work.

Stellar Blade shows quite the promise, despite ongoing problems

Stellar Blade ScreenshotStellar Blade Screenshot
The combat system can either pull you in or drive you away.

Stellar Blade arrives later this month on April 26. However, players can witness the first boss battle in the game’s demo right now, along with many story bits and combat scenarios. Overall, the demo has been receiving a positive response despite the controversies regarding the game’s character design choices and visual/input bugs.

However, even with a gorgeous setting and a unique art direction, Stellar Blade’s combat system can drive a lot of players away. Like many melee combat games, this one too uses a parry system along with different combos. The thing is, the parry system is very precise, and asks you to have the reflexes of someone who has played games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Lies of P before.

Even if you’re new to the game, there’s a lot to learn here, and it’ll be interesting to see how different players pick up Stellar Blade and experience yet another PS5 exclusive that shows promise for the platform in the long run.

Have you tried the demo yet? What are your thoughts on Stellar Blade so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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