Terminids No Longer the Only Enemy Faction With Aerial Units Now


Mysterious cloaked ships have been bothering Helldivers for some time now. Similarly, Helldivers 2 players have also struggled with adapting to newer updates that come with new planetary hazards. Meanwhile, developer Arrowhead has been trying their best to make the game flawless with newer patches.

Helldivers 2Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2

Likewise, the game received another patch recently, which made considerable changes to the game.

Helldivers 2 new Aerial Gunships

Helldivers 2’s alien robot faction, Automatons, will now have access to new aerial gunships. These were launched with a recently completed Major Order. These gunships are causing mass destruction on the battlefield by firing deadly red lasers from the sky.

Aerial gunshipsAerial gunships
Aerial gunships

Fortunately, the aerial gunships can be destroyed. However, for that the players will need to have adequate powerful weaponry at their disposal. Some heavy-duty Stratagems such as the Expendable Anti-Tank as well as the recently released Quasar Cannon seem to be appropriate for facing aerial gunships. Another weapon that can come in handy is the Spear.

Besides, the aerial gunships aren’t the only stealth drops added to the game. Players have also faced imposing AT-AT-style quadruped tanks in the game. As reported earlier, these tanks are capable of handling a hell of a lot of punishment. Thus players are advised to be prepared to drop the odd Orbital Laser when taking on one of these tanks.

What’s coming in Helldivers 2?

Arrowhead Studios is making all these interesting additions to the game as part of the ongoing Helldivers 2 live service. Meanwhile, the devs are also tying the game into its meta-narrative driven by Game Master Joel.

Helldivers 2 Major OrderHelldivers 2 Major Order
Helldivers 2 Major Order

On April 1, Arrowhead announced a brand new Major Order to Helldivers 2 players. This gave them a much-needed 24-hour window to finally take back Malevelon Creek. It is basically an Automaton map dubbed as ‘Space Vietnam’ by fans. In just about five hours players managed to liberate the planet.

On April 2, the devs launched a new Major Order that could defend the Automaton counterattack. With the latest patch, Arrowhead made another exciting change to Helldivers 2. However, it failed to disclose the post-game gore. As per reports, Helldivers 2 is now set to give players blood and guts back with them when returning from a mission, displayed on armor.

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