The end of an era for a gas station in the center of Pafos, it becomes a green space | Liberal


After the relocation of the Andreas Kommatou gas station from the shopping center of Pafos, it now marked the end of an era and the image known for decades at the most central point of Paphos.

With the operations of the gas station having been fully transferred to the new facilities on Apostolou Pavlou Avenue, on the way to the port of Kato Paphos, For two days now, the facilities of the gas station on Evagora Pallikaridis Avenue have been demolished and the space now resembles a construction site.

The move of the first gas station from the center of Paphos, which has been operating on a piece of T/K property since 1948, follows the long-term efforts of the Municipality and other agencies to gradually transfer these businesses outside the central fabric of the city.

After the relocation of the company and the ongoing demolition of the buildings in the city center, the planning is in full progress to include the area in the project of the Creation of the Historical Documentation Center of the City of Paphos which is already being implemented with a focus on the old Police buildings Address on Kennedy Square.

The project officials once again expressed their thanks for the significant contribution of the T/C Asset Management Service, the Hellenic Petroleum Company of Cyprus Ltd and the gas station owner, Andreas Kommatou, in order to make the big plan possible.

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