The Final Scene from Avatar the Last Airbender Will Make You Respect Aang Even More That Makes Him Truly the Greatest


Taking fans on an emotional roller coaster, 2005’s Avatar the Last Airbender flawlessly wrote the characters to evoke all emotions at once. From creating relatable characters to making their tragic tales even more powerful, the show became a fan-favorite source of binge-watch. But while we discuss the emotional elements and favorite characters, how can we forget Aang?

Aang in Avatar the Last Airbender
Aang in Avatar the Last Airbender

While most people unanimously sympathize with Aang recalling his unending sufferings, one particular scene simply proves why he is the greatest Avatar. Addressing Zuko’s coronation sequence which despite putting the spotlight on the character subtly showcases Aang’s simplicity, one user explained on X why Aang is the greatest of all, in Avatar the Last Airbender.

Aang Maintains His Compassion Through Hardships

Although it’s quite common to appreciate and sympathize with the protagonist of any film or show, fans truly had their reasons for turning Aang into the favorite character in Avatar the Last Airbender. Despite appearing alongside the likes of Zuko, Katara, and Sokka, fans seemingly felt more inclined towards Aang than any other Avatar.

Perhaps, the deep-rooted affection for Aang comes from the flawless depiction of the character. Throughout 2005’s Avatar the Last Airbender, we see how Aang weathers many struggles and hardships along his journey to defeat Ozai and save the world. But despite the warrior-like storyline set for the character, it seems Aang’s simplicity and compassion are what made fans appreciate the character even more.

A still from Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang in a still from Nickelodeon’s Avatar the Last Airbender

Despite losing almost all of his mentors and even losing Appa, Aang seemed to stay strong and never give up on the reality of himself. From being fated with the responsibility for saving the world at a young age, to struggling with letting go of Katara, Aang somehow had the worst of all the Avatars. And yet somehow he managed to turn his tragedy into his power. If this doesn’t make him the best and most favorite character then what should?

Why is Aang Considered the Greatest Avatar?

Well, according to an X user, there’s one particular scene that truly brought out Aang’s greatness and evoked a sense of respect among fans for the character. Throwing light upon the scene from Zuko’s coronation during the final few moments of Avatar the Last Airbender, the netizen explained how Aang’s lack of desire for attention or praise makes him the greatest of all.

Addressing the particular scene where the Avatars attend Zuko’s coronation, the X user shifts the focus to Aang. According to the scene in question, as Zuko faces the crowd Aang stands away in the background to let Zuko have his moment. Despite all the pain and suffering he’s been through, Aang doesn’t appear craving for public attention, until Zuko calls him to join him.

In the scene, as Zuko faces the crowd, he witnesses Aang standing in the background. That’s when he physically gestures for his friend to join him. Until Zuko’s call, Aang was spotted standing alone in the background. Although he deserved public attention and praise for saving the world, Aang simply stood back to let Zuko have his moment. This particular scene showcases Aang’s simplicity and love for his friends.

The last airbender
The 2005 animated series Avatar the Last Airbender

Additionally, the coronation scene made people realize how Aang weathered all the suffering and pain from a young age to train as an avatar and save the world, all for nothing. Demanding absolutely nothing in return, this particular scene therefore hinted at Aang’s responsible side and his sense of duty.

Avatar the Last Airbender is available on Prime Video.

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