The Iron Giant’s Awakening Might Finally Reveal the 1 Burning Question That’s Yet to Be Explained by Eiichiro Oda in the Series


Eiichiro Oda is beautifully joining all the pieces of One Piece to create the best fiction ever made. The Egghead Island arc officially marked the beginning of the Final Saga of the anime, and it has led the fans through a rollercoaster of emotions. The ongoing arc has introduced several new characters, and the Iron Giant is the most intriguing of them all.

No one knows the true identity of the Iron Giant, and it has led the fans to create several theories about its origin. In One Piece chapter 1111, it was revealed that the automata knew Joyboy. After waking up, the first thing it did was apologize to Joyboy. With the Iron Giant’s sudden awakening, fans speculate that it might provide an answer to one of the age-old questions of the anime.

The Iron Giant Is Related To Joyboy

iron-giant one pieceiron-giant one piece
The Iron Giant (Credit: Viz Media)

The Iron Giant is more than 900 years old and is speculated to be related to Joyboy. Apologizing to Joyboy is the first thing it did after waking up. Dr. Vegapunk confirmed it to have attacked the Mariejois 200 years ago. Unfortunately, its energy ran out before inflicting any damage. The Celestial Dragon ordered its destruction, but the scientists preserved it. Vegapunk tried its best to revive it, but nothing worked, and he left it to focus on other projects.

He mentioned that the automata needed some ancient energy to power up. The Egghead Island arc showed the audience that the energy it needed was the Drums of Liberation. After Monkey D. Luffy turned into Gear 5, his heartbeat matched the Drums of Liberation, and for the first time in 200 years, the giant’s eyes glittered. Joyboy also possessed the abilities of Sun God Nika, and the Iron Giant was his acquaintance.

Sun God Nika in One PieceSun God Nika in One Piece
Sun God Nika (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Since its energy source was with him, it joined Joyboy on a quest to defeat the 20 Kingdoms. It is believed that they lost the battle. So, Joyboy might have given the automaton the task of guiding the next Sun God Nika, to the right path, and Luffy meeting the Iron Giant was fate. Joyboy knew his Will would be carried on 800 years later.

The Will Of D Might Have Another Protector In One Piece

Since the fans speculate that the Iron Giant was tasked to guide the next Sun God Nika, it also had to carry the Will of D. Even though it is an automaton it has feelings and emotional capabilities. Many believe that there is a soul inside the iron suit or a buccaneer is wearing it. The Will of D is still one of the most intriguing mysteries in One Piece.

the iron giant apologizing to joyboythe iron giant apologizing to joyboy
The Iron Giant apologizing to Joyboy (Credit: Viz Media)

With the Iron Giant being related to the ancient Sun God Nika, it could provide the fans with the most sought-after answer in One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy is presently engaged in a deadly battle with the Gorosei, so the giant could come to his aid before letting him on the truth. It could also be that it is the protector of Will of D and woke up to protect Nika.

But it is still a speculation, and nothing has been confirmed. Until Eiichiro Oda decides to spill the secrets, the Iron Giant’s history and the Will of D will remain a mystery. Currently, the One Piece manga is on a three-week hiatus. So, there might be some big revelation in chapter 1112. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

One Piece manga is available on Viz Media.

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