The mother and 17 other convicts in the Colonos case are out of prison Liberal


A decision granting probation to 17 of the 20 convicted in the Kolonos case was taken a while ago by the Mixed Jury Court, drawing a curtain on the much-lauded trial for the sexual abuse of the 12-year-old girl.

So, only Michos will remain in prison, the so-called Michalis as well as the mother of the minor, who is however immediately released from prison.

Those who were given a suspension until the appeal, restrictive conditions were imposed (in some cases, a ban on leaving the country and appearing in an AT) and some monetary guarantees.

With its decision, the court accepted the proposal made earlier by the district attorney.

Finally, it should be noted that the fine imposed on Michos is 4,100 euros and 2,200 euros on the so-called “Michal”.

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