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There is a serious crisis in the migratory and on the subject, the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis spoke with the President of the Commission, but also with the Prime Minister of Lebanon, while he will meet on Sunday with Ursula von der Leyen, as he announced before the start of the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday .

The President mentioned that there is an almost daily descent of Syrians from Lebanon and that he spoke about the issue last night with the President of the Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also spoke with the competent Commissioner Johansson.

I also spoke with the Prime Minister of Lebanon, on Sunday I will see the President of the Commission again, we requested specific (things) from the European Union, considering that Lebanon is a country that the European Union supports financially both for the management of immigration, but also for the management of the internal challenges that the country has and we expect the European Union to take a more leading role and some actions were also agreed with the President of the Commission and the competent Commissioner in the next few days”, he said.

Cabinet agenda

The President in his statements referred to today’s issues on the agenda for which decisions were taken and then specific things were announced by Ministers and the Deputy Minister.

He referred to the appointment of the financial commissioner already announced to be Valentina Georgiadou, with expanded powers and duties, for the “Rent for Installment” plan where there is an expansion to cover more borrowers, and for the police cooperation memorandum with the FBI for which the preliminary work. “It is an issue that is a priority for the Government because no one is above the reputation and credibility of our country,” he said.

The PtD also referred to the plan for the revival of the countryside and mountainous areas “something we place special emphasis on” and in which the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Under-Minister of Tourism are also involved, to the sponsorship plan for the circular economy for SMEs that is part of the plan recovery and resilience and are granted to SMEs to achieve their circular economy goals and in the regulations for the implementation of the legislation to facilitate strategic development projects, prepared by a previous Government, but today the regulations are approved for large projects of more than 25 million that to create over 80 jobs.

“With the regulations let’s run to attract quality investments”, said the PtD.


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