The testimonies against the Israeli army about the Al Shifa hospital are shocking Liberal


In the ruined Al Shifa “nobody was spared”, says the head of a rescue team, after Israeli soldiers withdrew from the hospital complex in the northern Gaza Strip, describing images of “bodies scattered” in the rubble.

Dozens of passers-by witness the magnitude of the destruction. Some rummage through the ruins, maybe they’ll find something worthwhile. Some buildings have been leveled. Others are still standing, having suffered considerable damage. Fire still smolders in a damaged building.

Three men carry an injured man away on a stretcher.

Al Shifa hospital, the largest in the entire Gaza Strip, “has been completely destroyed,” Faris Afana, head of a rescue team, told AFP. “Must to put an end to these massacres of civilians and children. No one was spared here,” he points out.

While rescuers are still searching for those trapped in the rubble, firefighters are trying to extinguish the smoldering fire in a building of the complex.

“What is happening here is a disaster for humanity and the health system in the Gaza Strip,” says Faris Afana, complaining that buildings have been torched and demolished by Israeli occupation forces. At the same time, he appeals to the international community “to stop the massacres against the Palestinian people”.

A man points to bodies scattered in the streets around the hospital and says to the camera:They will bury us here… We will not leave here».

The Israeli military announced earlier today that it had “completed” its operations in the Al Shifa hospital complex and withdrawn its forces. He had previously claimed to have discovered “large quantities of weapons” on hospital grounds, that his forces had dealt with “terrorists” and that they had “avoided harming staff and patients”.

The head of the rescue team describes the destruction of hospital beds as “unthinkable” and emphasizes that he has been “surprised” by the silence of the international community, especially the Arab world. “When are they going to do something? When the entire Palestinian people are annihilated?”, he wonders.


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