Traffic began to resemble summer at Paphos Airport Liberal


A significant increase in air traffic has already been recorded since mid-March Paphos airportwith the officials of the managing company of the Cypriot airports pointing out that from the month that started today this increase will be much higher, predicting a summer of very significant flight traffic for Paphos.

The increase in traffic comes as a continuation of it satisfactory winter activity of the second airport of the Republic, when a total of 115 flights per week landed in Paphos from 40 airports of various European cities, continuing the enormous growth recorded in the last three years by Paphos airport.

Flagship of the continued increased flight program from Paphos is still the giant of economic flights, Ryanair, which from the beginning of March has strengthened its schedule to and from Paphos with flights from airports in Poland, Austria, France, the United Kingdom and the Baltic countries, while in the immediate future there will be daily flights to and from Athens.

Particularly encouraging, the provincial bodies note, is the fact that Paphos remains connected all the time with important airports of the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Poland and other European states, while there is a need to further strengthen flights from airports in Germany and of the Scandinavian countries.

The continued increase in connectivity is of exceptional and strategic importance for Paphos and Cyprus in general, according to the actors of the Paphos district, since the enhanced programs are expected to give a significant boost to the economy and further development of the various sectors of tourism with the aim of full recovery of the industry.

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